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Online Journalism As A Future Journalist

Increasingly, internet technology is growing and more users (netizens) – both accessing content and online content creators – journalistic activities are increasingly being carried out by individuals, communities, and institutions. Online journalism, also called cyber journalism, internet journalism, and web journalism such as is a “new generation” of journalism after conventional journalism (print journal journalism, such as newspapers) and broadcast journalism (broadcast Journalism: radio, television). There are several basic principles of online journalism abbreviated as B-A-S-I-C. Brevity (Online): online news is required to be concise, to fit with human life and its increasingly busy level.

Adaptability: online journalists are required to adapt amid public needs and preferences. With the technological advance, journalists can present the news by creating a variety of ways, such as with the provision of audio formats (audio), video images, and others in a news. Scannability (Scanned): To facilitate the audience, sites related to online journalism should have scannable properties, so that readers should not feel compelled to read information or news. Interactivity (Interaction): public communication to journalists in online journalism is possible with wider access. Community-Conversation: online media has a greater role than print media or conventional media, ie as a community crawler.

Motorbike adventure: Things to do if you get an accident

Doing the extreme sports can be one of the best ways to test your courage and ability. However, when you’re taking the challenge to the more extreme level, you may want to be more careful in order to prevent any accident. One of the most common extreme sports that have been chosen by many people is the mountain biking NZ. Remember that no matter how good you are at the extreme sport are, an accident might happen sometimes. Right now, we’d like to share with you some tips if you’ve got an accident during your motorbike adventure on the mountains.

The first thing that you want to do is staying calm. Panicking in such a bad situation can make your condition worse. If you’re still capable of standing up, then you need to get away from your bike just in case if the gas leaks. This way, you will be able to get away from the bike if it’s going to explode. Luckily if you don’t smell the gas and also don’t see any leak, then you need to find a safe spot to sit down and stay put. Try to contact the nearby people immediately and get some help right away.

If you’ve got the broken bone, then don’t force yourself to move around. It can make the wound to become more painful and more serious. However, if the bike is leaking its gas and you can’t move away from it, just make sure you push it as far as you can from yourself without moving the broken legs or arms too much. However, if the bike is fine then just sit tight and try to contact the nearby people. If there’s a phone signal, you can try to call your friends or the mountain bike adventure staff to help you. A walkie talkie could become handy in this situation as well, just in case that there is no phone signal around.

Choosing Forms and Materials For Washbasin

There are various forms of the sink that exist in the market today, ranging from the sink sitting in the sink attached to the wall of space with a variety of different styles and different. Find different types of bathtub faucets with the best quality through our website.

The material is one of the most important things because the material from the sink will also affect the level of quality and price. If you want to buy a sink at a low price, it is advisable to choose a sink made of ceramic or if you want to get a lasting sink, do not even choose a sink made of iron at least choose a sink made of copper.

In choosing a sink, you should also take into account this point, whether the sink is easy to clean and not easy to leave the smell when used. Because hygiene is a thing that supports our health as a user.


Stick is one of the tools used in playing golf. Stick serves as a ball hit device to the hole when you play golf. Many golfers from amateur classes even to professionals who feel unsuited or uncomfortable to their golf stick. As a result, they will often buy golf sticks with expensive expenses. It does not have to do because it includes waste. Usually, the factors that make your stick is not comfortable there are some things such as the shape of the stick and materials/materials used. For that, I will give you some tips that you can use when buying a used golf stick or new. When buying a golf stick please note the swing speed or swim speedily. Sweam speed is related to the selection of shafts. Sweam speed can be checked through a tool called Vector Pro Launch Monitor. For people usually have a swing speed between 70 to 110 mph and can see it from fairway wood reviews.

You also need to know the size of the weight of the stick or swing weight that suits you. Swing weight size can be measured by means of a weight balance. Then you can mark the values ??with the letters C, D, and E and then counted from the numbers 0 to 9. To get a quality swing weight can only be felt by your own that is when we already feel the weight of the stick when swung. If your blows are chaotic because the stick used is too light or heavy then just lower or raise 1 level.

Mental Benefits of Watching Movies

Do you know that by watching movies, you will be able to get some benefits for your mental health? If not, then you need to know that it is true. By watching movies, in any way you want, either watching in the cinemas, streaming online through websites like, or using a DVD, you will get some benefits for your frame of mind. Some of those benefits are as follows:

– Learning in Fostering Relationships
Many films tell about relationships between parents and children, women, and men in relationships, friendships, etc. Many films will be able to let you know how to keep our relationships with others in a good way and you can also see firsthand the impact of a relationship breakdown.

– Being Psychologically healthy
Movies can be your best entertainment when under stress or saturation. For example, watching a comedy genre movie can make you laugh and relieve the stress that you feel.

Benefits of Drawing for Child’s Intelligence

Drawing is useful for sharpening the art skills of children. Little one learns how to paint all things, according to his imagination and creativity. The things he knew or did not know, the figures he used to meet or never even met. In addition, he also learns to match colours, assemble the object image, so that creates small art creations in paper and canvas. We make Drawing page on Youtube that can help you teach the image and colour to your child. Remember, to help your child active in creating, you as a parent should support and assist them. However, you should not dictate to them.

In addition to sharpening the ability of art, drawing is also important because it is useful to express the child’s emotions. Parents can see it from the colours he chose that day, for example, the child likes to choose bright colours, most likely his heart was happy at the time. Drawing can also be used as a positive emotional channel. Instead of crying/tantrums, channel emotions by making graffiti on paper.

Moreover, drawing can also be the fruit of the expression of children’s interpersonal intelligence. How does the child’s relationship with the people closest, the family? How activities, interactions, and everyday communication are expressed in the picture. For example, he told me how fun it was while enjoying a vacation with family.

Occasionally, provide a rather large paper and watercolours. In order not to make a mess of the house, do on the porch or yard. Let him use watercolours as much. In some cities that have car free day programs, there is usually a spot that children can use to draw on asphalt using chalk. If in your city also exist, may invite the toddler to enjoy this game. The ability to hold a colour pencil/watercolour brush is useful to practice fine motor skills.

Pinstripe Nail Art: Pretty Lines For Your Nail

For women, perfect appearance is mandatory. All aspects of appearance should be considered: from clothing, makeup, hairstyle, to nails that must be in perfect situation. As the times progressed, nails were no longer simply decorated with plain colours only. There have been many artistic and creative artistic nail creations scattered everywhere. Starting from the difficult and must be made in the salon, to the easy and can be made yourself at home. You can visit our website to get EASY NAIL ART.

Making your nails pretty with pinstripe nail art is not hard, really. In fact, this is one of the easiest nail art you can do at home. You only need 4 types of nail polish only, the basic nail polish or base coat (usually white), pastel nail polish. Bright nail polish (pink, yellow light, or other matching colours), top coat.

First, coat all your knees with a base coat. Wait until it is completely dry. Then, cover your nails with pastel paint. You can use 1 or 2 different pastel colours, according to taste. When it is dry, start making vertical lines using brightly coloured nail polish. Let the paint dry, and do the finishing process by coating your nail with top coat.

Cleaning thoroughly and safely for your family.

Cleaning the house without using chemicals can not only reduce the risk of environmental damage. Reducing chemicals also benefits both you and your family, especially those who still have small children or family members who are sensitive to chemicals. In order to charm, the furniture in your home does not quickly fade, of course, the wood furniture must be cleaned regularly. Little stains can reduce the beauty of your own furniture. Well, here are 5 natural ingredients that can be used to clean Green Cleaning surface wood furniture and keep it sparkling. Who would have thought behind the usefulness of a good health for the body, olive oil can also be used to restore the luster of wood furniture. This is thanks to the oil content itself that can enter into the pores of the wood without damaging it. The way is to wipe this oil on the surface of your furniture. Then, spread the oil coating using a clean cloth, we recommend using a microfiber cloth so that the fiber does not hurt the surface. After that, wait about 30 minutes for this oil to be absorbed into the pores. Finally, re-wipe the furniture so that no oil is still on the surface.

Mineral oil is commonly used to moisten an object surface. It’s colorless, odorless, and non-oxidizable characteristics make it worth calculating to re-polish your wood furniture. In addition, the use of mineral oil also helps remove dirt on the surface. How to apply it, dab mineral oil to taste the furniture, then use a soft sponge to flatten it. Do this coating 2 to 3 times until you get the desired luster. Actually, petroleum jelly is similar to mineral oil. It’s just that if the mineral oil is liquid, then the gel petroleum jelly. Therefore, before you apply this gel to the furniture, the surface of furniture should be wiped first to clean from dust. Meanwhile, if the petroleum jelly you buy is too dense, you can dilute it first with extra water to make it easier to trim into the furniture. The steps are still the same as before that apply this petroleum jelly to the furniture surface using foam to the surface looks shiny. Is there a bottle of mayonnaise in your house? Instead of confused looking for wood shiny products, try to take advantage of the mayonnaise. Way, take a bit of mayonnaise sauce and put it on a clean cloth. Next, rub this cloth onto the wood surface evenly. Mayonnaise very powerful to remove pen stains and food spills.

Fashion mistakes women make

Well, clothing speaks volumes about someone’s personality and taste. Perhaps this is why many women consider TRENDY WOMENS CLOTHING when going to the clothing store, local or online. Being fashionable involves trendy accessories and unique style all your own. Unfortunately, there are several women who make the following mistakes, which then really ruin their expectation to look fashionable and elegant with the clothes they wearing.

– Passionate on the fashion craze
– Buying clothes that don’t fit their body shape
– Getting stuck in a rut of style
– Selecting the wrong undergarments

If you want to look perfect anytime with your clothes, make sure that you will never make these mistakes. You surely spent a lot of time to seek the best clothing product. It is good to have someone professional in fashion and clothing for sure that you will not make even the small mistake that affects your overall look. Have the idea to visit our site?