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Pinstripe Nail Art: Pretty Lines For Your Nail

For women, perfect appearance is mandatory. All aspects of appearance should be considered: from clothing, makeup, hairstyle, to nails that must be in perfect situation. As the times progressed, nails were no longer simply decorated with plain colours only. There have been many artistic and creative artistic nail creations scattered everywhere. Starting from the difficult and must be made in the salon, to the easy and can be made yourself at home. You can visit our website to get EASY NAIL ART.

Making your nails pretty with pinstripe nail art is not hard, really. In fact, this is one of the easiest nail art you can do at home. You only need 4 types of nail polish only, the basic nail polish or base coat (usually white), pastel nail polish. Bright nail polish (pink, yellow light, or other matching colours), top coat.

First, coat all your knees with a base coat. Wait until it is completely dry. Then, cover your nails with pastel paint. You can use 1 or 2 different pastel colours, according to taste. When it is dry, start making vertical lines using brightly coloured nail polish. Let the paint dry, and do the finishing process by coating your nail with top coat.