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Motorbike adventure: Things to do if you get an accident

Doing the extreme sports can be one of the best ways to test your courage and ability. However, when you’re taking the challenge to the more extreme level, you may want to be more careful in order to prevent any accident. One of the most common extreme sports that have been chosen by many people is the mountain biking NZ. Remember that no matter how good you are at the extreme sport are, an accident might happen sometimes. Right now, we’d like to share with you some tips if you’ve got an accident during your motorbike adventure on the mountains.

The first thing that you want to do is staying calm. Panicking in such a bad situation can make your condition worse. If you’re still capable of standing up, then you need to get away from your bike just in case if the gas leaks. This way, you will be able to get away from the bike if it’s going to explode. Luckily if you don’t smell the gas and also don’t see any leak, then you need to find a safe spot to sit down and stay put. Try to contact the nearby people immediately and get some help right away.

If you’ve got the broken bone, then don’t force yourself to move around. It can make the wound to become more painful and more serious. However, if the bike is leaking its gas and you can’t move away from it, just make sure you push it as far as you can from yourself without moving the broken legs or arms too much. However, if the bike is fine then just sit tight and try to contact the nearby people. If there’s a phone signal, you can try to call your friends or the mountain bike adventure staff to help you. A walkie talkie could become handy in this situation as well, just in case that there is no phone signal around.