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Cleaning thoroughly and safely for your family.

Cleaning the house without using chemicals can not only reduce the risk of environmental damage. Reducing chemicals also benefits both you and your family, especially those who still have small children or family members who are sensitive to chemicals. In order to charm, the furniture in your home does not quickly fade, of course, the wood furniture must be cleaned regularly. Little stains can reduce the beauty of your own furniture. Well, here are 5 natural ingredients that can be used to clean Green Cleaning surface wood furniture and keep it sparkling. Who would have thought behind the usefulness of a good health for the body, olive oil can also be used to restore the luster of wood furniture. This is thanks to the oil content itself that can enter into the pores of the wood without damaging it. The way is to wipe this oil on the surface of your furniture. Then, spread the oil coating using a clean cloth, we recommend using a microfiber cloth so that the fiber does not hurt the surface. After that, wait about 30 minutes for this oil to be absorbed into the pores. Finally, re-wipe the furniture so that no oil is still on the surface.

Mineral oil is commonly used to moisten an object surface. It’s colorless, odorless, and non-oxidizable characteristics make it worth calculating to re-polish your wood furniture. In addition, the use of mineral oil also helps remove dirt on the surface. How to apply it, dab mineral oil to taste the furniture, then use a soft sponge to flatten it. Do this coating 2 to 3 times until you get the desired luster. Actually, petroleum jelly is similar to mineral oil. It’s just that if the mineral oil is liquid, then the gel petroleum jelly. Therefore, before you apply this gel to the furniture, the surface of furniture should be wiped first to clean from dust. Meanwhile, if the petroleum jelly you buy is too dense, you can dilute it first with extra water to make it easier to trim into the furniture. The steps are still the same as before that apply this petroleum jelly to the furniture surface using foam to the surface looks shiny. Is there a bottle of mayonnaise in your house? Instead of confused looking for wood shiny products, try to take advantage of the mayonnaise. Way, take a bit of mayonnaise sauce and put it on a clean cloth. Next, rub this cloth onto the wood surface evenly. Mayonnaise very powerful to remove pen stains and food spills.