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Benefits of Drawing for Child’s Intelligence

Drawing is useful for sharpening the art skills of children. Little one learns how to paint all things, according to his imagination and creativity. The things he knew or did not know, the figures he used to meet or never even met. In addition, he also learns to match colours, assemble the object image, so that creates small art creations in paper and canvas. We make Drawing page on Youtube that can help you teach the image and colour to your child. Remember, to help your child active in creating, you as a parent should support and assist them. However, you should not dictate to them.

In addition to sharpening the ability of art, drawing is also important because it is useful to express the child’s emotions. Parents can see it from the colours he chose that day, for example, the child likes to choose bright colours, most likely his heart was happy at the time. Drawing can also be used as a positive emotional channel. Instead of crying/tantrums, channel emotions by making graffiti on paper.

Moreover, drawing can also be the fruit of the expression of children’s interpersonal intelligence. How does the child’s relationship with the people closest, the family? How activities, interactions, and everyday communication are expressed in the picture. For example, he told me how fun it was while enjoying a vacation with family.

Occasionally, provide a rather large paper and watercolours. In order not to make a mess of the house, do on the porch or yard. Let him use watercolours as much. In some cities that have car free day programs, there is usually a spot that children can use to draw on asphalt using chalk. If in your city also exist, may invite the toddler to enjoy this game. The ability to hold a colour pencil/watercolour brush is useful to practice fine motor skills.